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Electrical Rewiring

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JLU Electrical Contractors specializes in:

New electrical Installations

At JLU Electrical Contractors, we provide our clients with expert advice from the beginning to the end. We add value to our services by providing our clients with views and insight on cost saving initiatives, together with the latest fashion and trends. We also do single and 3phase installations.


We also assist our clients in the upgrading of existing residential and commercial premises. We specialise in “making the site safe” not just according to building regulations but also to suite the client financially.

Electrical Maintenance

It is our company’s view that no job is too big or too small. We will provide all our clients with expert advice and knowledge. We will do maintenance in and around your house, office or factory and give you professional advice and solutions.

Electrical Certificate

We have many successful relationships with estate agents when it boils down to getting the job done. We understand the importance of completion and handing over. We will never sign off on work unless it is according to the regulations and the standards set by the ECA (Electrical Contracting Association).

Plan Design

JUL Electrical Contractors can help you design your electrical layout in a cost effective way were you can benefit maximum capacity. We can design your plan to your specific needs in your house, office, factory, etc.


J-LU Electrical Contractors can help you to make your ordinary installation to be extraordinary by creative and cost effective planning and input. We can take a standard look and turn it into a modern look.

Backup Systems

We also provide power backup systems like generators and UPS (uninterruptibe power supplies). These products will assist you by providing power through those difficult unplanned power failures.

LED Lighting Conversions

Convert your old fluorescent light bulbs to energy saving LED’s. LED lights can replace most of your current light bulbs and fit into your existing sockets.

Earthing Problems

Grounding is one of the most critical aspects of your home, office or factory’s electrical wiring. This is because of the safety and equipment damage risks associated with improper grounding. We can ensure that your facility is properly grounded.

Lightning Arresters

A lightning arrester is a device that is used to protect electrical or electronic systems from the damaging effects of lightning. We can install and service lightning arresters to protect your equipment.

Connecting of Sign Boards

We can ensure that your business is visible by connecting your sign boards safely, according to the highest standards.

Connecting of Street Lights

Light up dark areas for safety and security. We can safely connect any lights neatly and efficiently.